Why use SXTN?

Sextant’s transaction costs are significantly less when compared to ERC-20 tokens.

This makes SXTN more practical for lower transaction amounts.

Sextant’s transactions are completed significantly faster when compared to ERC-20 tokens.

The shorter send and verification times enable SXTN transactions to be complete in seconds. Recent full capacity testing of the BSC yielded a block time of just over 3 seconds. (Binance Smart Chain)

Sextant is on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) as a BEP-20 token.

The BSC platform is widely supported by existing software and hardware. BSC currently supports over 800 decentralized applications. (yahoo!finance)

Sextant’s transactions are fueled by BNB and supported by Binance infrastructure.

BNB is readily traded for numerous cryptocurrencies, stable coins, and FIAT money. BNB is used for traditional exchanges and decentralized finance platforms.

Sextant has minimal impact on server and power resources.

Sextant uses the BSC and adds very little to the existing load on servers and their need for energy. Mined cryptocurrencies use enormous amounts of energy. Bitcoin alone uses more energy than the entire country of Finland. (Business Insider)

Sextant is readily scalable on the BSC.

Binance has shared the roadmap to increase the BSC capacity. (Binance Smart Chain)

Sextant is compatible with trading on decentralized exchanges and traditional exchanges.

Numerous DeFi projects are available for trading BSC tokens. BSC tokens are listed on traditional crypto exchanges when there is adequate adoption of the token.

Coin operated binoculars at seaside

Sextant’s smart contract is publicly available on the BSC blockchain.


Sextant’s token holders and transactions are anonymous.

Sextant’s maximum supply is over 6.9 peta-tokens.

The large quantity of lower-priced tokens will make for easier adoption for retail sales using full tokens.

Sextant’s initial distribution will be as giveaways to over 1,000 interested holders.

Find our current booty here: Booty – Contests and Giveaways

Sextant’s coin supply will support large volumes for trading and value accumulation.

Users can readily and inexpensively make small and enormous transfers.

Sextant’s subsequent increases in float will be through sales into exchanges and giveaways.

These releases of SXTN into the cyber currency market will provide liquidity and further support the SXTN project.

Sextant’s sales into public exchanges will be made in increments of 0.1% or less of total supply to minimize price impact.

Limiting the volume of new SXTN entering circulation will limit price impact from dilution.

Sextant’s creator holds 5% of total tokens and may trade SXTN at their sole discretion.

The token creator’s 5% holding of SXTN limits the creator’s impact on the price when trading.

Sextant’s revenue from sales into the market will support marketing, further development, and payments to those who manage the project.

Revenue is used to move SXTN forward and allow for strategic planning with technology and talent.

Sextant’s cold storage wallet, active wallets, and creator’s wallet addresses will be publicly viewable on the BSC.

All of this information is available in the Ship’s Manifest.

Sextant seeks to provide a balanced cryptocurrency that is an effective vehicle for exchange and growth.

The yin-yang is a symbol of opposing but complementary forces.