Ports of Call – Announcements

March 22nd, 2022:
SXTN trading pairs have been funded for 7 commonly used tokens. The pairs are with; BNB, BUSD, BTCB, ETH, CAKE, MATIC, and USDT.
Details and links are found at Provisions.

March 22nd, 2022:
You may have noticed that the developer wallets have changed in the last 10 days. There was suspicious activity with possible compromise of wallet private keys. As soon as this was noticed, out of an abundance of caution, the wallets were transferred to a temporary address. The tokens were then distributed into new wallets to serve where security could be verified.
After further inspection, the original developer wallet private keys do not seem to have been compromised. Holder tokens were never at risk as they are in the individual holders’ wallets.
The changes in wallets can be seen at Ships Manifest – Token Information.

January 30th, 2022:
We have been watching the traditional and crypto markets. We have been purposefully quiet as we have watched the market volatility. After seeing significant declines in the cryptocurrency world and intraday volatility in stocks, we have held off from starting our subscribed distribution of SXTN before launching trading on Pacakeswap until now. We anticipate continued volatility but the market appears ready for our SXTN distribution. Starting at midnight on February 1st, we have an IDO beginning at midnight and running through the entire month of February. Trading on Pancakeswap will begin on March 1st. Click here to see the details.

December 26th, 2021:
Due to Omicron and travel challenges, we have chosen to slow our rollout a bit. We don’t anticipate COVID-19 to be controlled on the new timeline, but it will allow us to identify and address potential problems.

Changes in our timeline:

  • Extend Giveaway phase through January 9th, 2021
  • Begin presale phase on January 10th, 2021
  • Begin a liquidity pool for trading on PancakeSwap on January 27th, 2021